Wood Grain
Wood Types

Wood Grain

How the wood is cut determines the grain and the strength and integrity of the final piece.

Types of wood cuts:
Flat-Sawn (plainsawn)
  • Features unique cathedral pattern peaks of wood grain.
  • Fastest to produce, most affordable, and produces minimal waste.
  • Has some structural drawbacks due to tangential grain.
  • Grain pattern appears straight, and beautiful ribbing or flecking present in white oak and red oak.
  • More expensive than flat-sawn as labor is more intensive and produces more waste.
  • Structurally more stable than flat-sawn, less likely to cup and warp, and more resistant to water.
  • Used for applications that require straight-lined linear grain throughout entire piece.
  • Most expensive cut of wood as this is a time consuming process that produces the most amount of waste.
  • Ideal for custom furniture, and the most dimensionally stable cut of lumber.

Wood Types

Reclaimed Oak


This is an old-growth wood cultivated from trees that grew over hundreds of years, resulting in stronger, more stable wood.  Reclaimed from over 100 year old barns and structures throughout the US, this wood adds extraordinary character and a rich story to your home. 


If you’re looking for minimal environmental impact with abundant old wood character, consider reclaimed oak. Our reclaimed oak generally has warm brown tones varying from light red to dark brown boards. Some boards are rich in character with knots, crack, wormholes, nail-holes, and vestiges, which can either be filled with epoxy or left open for rustic natural character.



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