Walnut Flat Sawn

This fully customizable Walnut Counter Top will surely be the focal point of your kitchen.  Made with gorgeous high-quality black walnut, hand-picked and sustainably sourced from domestic locations, this counter top features the full spectrum of the walnut tree; the older dark browns of the heartwood and younger lighter tones of the heartwood. Our walnut counter tops are both beautiful and durable and are made to last.  The counter top displayed here is a 1.25″ standard thickness.  All counter tops are customizable to your desired size, edge grain, thickness, and finish.  Sink cut-outs are also possible, as well as cut outs for other appliances.

  • Starting at $120/sq ft
  • +$350 for sink cut-outs
  • +$400 varnish finish

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What are your lead times?

We are currently at 4-8 weeks standard depending on the project.

Do you template and/or install?

Yes we do both!